This is a mirror of free (or otherwise useful) software that is difficult to obtain. There may be posts about some of the software here on the main website at

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[zip]freedb_buttons.zip2006-09-14 18:06 824
[zip]freedb_CDDB_protcoldoc.zip2006-09-14 18:06 12K
[zip]freedb_database_format_specs.zip2006-09-14 18:06 6.8K
[zip]freedb_discID_howto.zip2006-09-14 18:06 6.2K
[zip]freedb_guidelines_freedb_support.zip2006-09-14 18:06 6.0K
[zip]freedb_howto1.07.zip2006-08-18 15:20 21K
[zip]freedb_local_remote_acess.zip2006-09-14 18:06 8.1K
[zip]freedb_submit_newentries.zip2006-09-14 18:06 7.0K
[zip]freedb_testcd.zip2006-08-18 15:22 58K
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